The world is getting worse …or is it?


The world is getting worse, everyone agrees.

  • Well, actually is it?

We in the Western world may think so, but if you ask anyone from China how their economy is currently going, they are bound to reply “Swimmingly well, thank you for asking :-)”.

  • South Korea? “We worry about our mad northern neighbours, but other than that things are fine“.
  • Hong Kong? Singapore? “We are the tiger economies!”
  • Ask a black South African how things are, and he’ll say that (although there are challenges) “isn’t it super-duper that Apartheid has gone?“. Ask a white South African and he’ll say that (although crime is a worry) “isn’t life fabulous now that I can travel the world and meet people without them refusing to shake my hand because of that horrible old regime“.
  • Eastern Europe has mostly been transformed out of all recognition in the past 25 years.
  • Brazil and Russia are moving strongly forward in many ways (despite some of the worrying things that Putin gets up to).

Add up the population of all the countries I mention above, and that’s several billion people for whom life has got much better over the past 20 years.

Sure there’s corruption, war and hunger in large parts of Africa, but that’s no different from at any time in the past 50 years eh?

  • So in which countries are things getting worse?

The American dream is over, the British Empire no longer exists, and Europe is bankrupt. However, that does not mean that the world is getting worse – just the parts of the world that have been living past their means for the last few decades.

The ‘Western world’ has become heavily indebted, and it’s now time that we’re having to pay some of the other parts of the world back. This is our loss, but their gain. There is a little more balance in the world now, and that’s not an entirely bad thing.



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