Reasons to be cheerful, part four

HappyAh, the great Ian Dury. Apparently he was a difficult (perhaps even occasionally unkind?) man to live with, but what a bunch of records he left us all with. For that, let us all give thanks.

Right up there with the best is his ‘Reasons to be cheerful, part 3“.

Inside, he lists lots of nice things in the world. Oh, and if you want some more cheering up from him then I’d recommend his (even better) other song “I believe”.

Well I’m in the mood to tell the world a few of my reasons to be cheerful. I’ll refrain from the obvious (myself and my family seem to be alive and well) and just go with a few frivolous reasons instead:

  • Danny Baker – just check out his podcasts for yourself if you’re unsure
  • Joni Mitchell – well, at least until the mid-70’s. After this, I just can’t get into her albums quite as much. Sorry for saying that Joni – you really are amazing but I can’t help preferring your older stuff 😉


  • The bird feeding table that my family bought me for Father’s Day last week – We saw our first little birds use it over the weekend, and it was joyous to watch I can tell you!
  • Kids say the funniest things – Last week, Mrs Relevant took a bunch of 5 and 6-year old school children to visit a Synagogue for the first time. They were shown all round the building, and shown all the special areas/symbols/etc. During the visit, they were each given some special Jewish bread to taste (and those with allergies were given biscuits instead). At the end of the visit, Mrs Relevant asked them all if they had any questions. Child #1 “Is there any more bread?”. Jewish host: “Sorry, you have eaten it all up”. Child #2 “Are there any biscuits?”. Jewish host: “Sorry, they are all gone now”. Mrs Relevant: “OK children, does anyone else have any questions?”. Child #3’s hand shoots up. Mrs Relevant: “Anyone have any questions that are *not* food related?”. Child #3’s hand goes down. Ah children, gotta love ’em.


  • The Three Amigos – OK, so it’s not perfect. It’s not the funniest film ever made. But oh my word there are some great gags in it.

Who can forget the immortal lines such as:

Farley, farley, farley, farley, farley, hafurrrrrrrrrr!”

or “Sew, very old one! Sew like the wind!” ?

No? Don’t tickle your fancy? Well I can only suggest you go watch the film. It puts me in a happy place anyway…

  • Fabulous cultural differences – I am blessed to be surrounded (at work) by people from all nations, and we often take time to laugh at each other’s cultural differences. This morning my Polish colleague sent my German colleague and myself this link to a YouTube video. It’s quite clean, but you will need sound to get the joke. I was literally crying with laughter…
  • More to follow – as soon as I can think of them…

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