One Father’s advice to his children

Dad's adviceMaybe this will not resonate with other parents, but I think it probably will.

Many emotions (naturally) whizz around a soon-to-be-father. For most of the 9 months it is fabulous excitement, then the final hours contain a lot of fear and dread. All we really want is for the event to be over, and a healthy baby safely delivered into the arms of its healthy mum. However, once all of that was over, I found myself many times holding my baby and thinking of the advice that I would give him/her as he/she grew up. Naturally the child was too small to understand my words – no matter, I thought, I’d tell him/her soon enough when they had grown up a little.

Well let me tell you that life seems to get in the way. You imagine that there will be ‘perfect times’ for your pearls of wisdom to be offloaded to your kids, but (instead) the maelstrom (that is family life) causes this to never happen. Suddenly you find that (as in my case) your eldest is a teenager and you are not sure that you have ever given him the ‘benefit of your wisdom’ yet, and you are not sure you ever will.

  • This blog post is an attempt by Roger to gather his thoughts so he can give his kids some of the advice he kept forgetting to give them as they were growing up.

So what sort of amazing advice does Roger think his kids could benefit from? Well, that’s a very good question. If Roger considers the question honestly, he’s not sure that he has any world-class advice to give. Sure, his life hasn’t been a disaster, but has it really been a great success either? Would my kids benefit from taking the same kind of decisions that their father took, or has the world changed so much that my past experiences are completely out of touch now?

  • Well Roger has finally decided that it’s best to put something down in writing (even if it is not perfect), and perhaps he can improve on it later. So think of this blog post as ‘work in progress’.

Where to start? Well, I can tell you what has been at the forefront of my mind (when I think of advice) for many years – Baz Luhrmann’s fabulous song – Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen). If you’re unfamiliar with it, then the lyrics can be found here, or you can just listen/watch the song here.

It’s not perfect (a couple of the lines do not resonate with my experience of the world) but in general it is so close to the truth (of what life brings) that it’s a fantastic place to start.


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