Very sad to leave


I was wrong. The result was not 60:40 to one side or the other. Instead, the result was 52:48. I think that this is the worst possible result. If we had a clear remain/leave outcome then I think that the Kingdom could have united with the result, and gone from there. However, we are almost as divided as it is possible to be.

I was shocked to read the result this morning. I have felt sad all morning, and truly worry about the next 10 years as we (UK) adjust to being outside of the EU. There are a huge number of potential risks associated with leaving the EU, but for me the biggest one is dividing the nation (most notably with Scotland almost certainly asking for a new referendum to leave the UK).

My hope is that the UK negotiates a free trade deal with EU, which (in return) the UK gives some sensible rights back to the EU. However, I worry that this may not be possible.

It’s a mess right now. Let us hope that in 10 years time we can look back and think that it was worth it.



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